Monday, November 9, 2009

Your Jimmy Corrigan Footnote of the Week

    Assuming that you've read Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Boy On Earth (and if not, I recommend you do so posthaste), then you naturally recall the section of the book regarding Jimmy's forebears and their adventures at the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. And if you did in fact read said book, and do therefore recall that portion, then it is perhaps not that much of a stretch to imagine that that you might find today's featured objects of some interest.
     What you see below are a family's tickets to the Exposition on Chicago Day about three weeks prior to its closing. It was a special event commemorating the 22nd anniversary of the great Chicago fire, and was meant both to celebrate the city's recovery and to attempt to break the record for paid attendance at a World's Fair, then held by the Paris Exposition of 1889, of 397,000. At 716,881 (or 761,942, according to one source), it did so handily.

I bought these tucked inside the below souvenir folder, which the elder Corrigan probably would not have purchased for his son, because (SPOILER ALERT!!) he wasn't a very good Dad.

It's a roughly 3 3/4"X7" hardcover accordion-folded booklet. with a twelve-paneled, one-sided assortment of photos of the Exposition, printed on thick coated stock. Here is a page showing some other cool souvenirs that Papa Corrigan also didn't buy for young James.
    While today's featured items are not themselves available to the consumer (unless you are in fact Chris Ware, in which case I'd love to trade them to you!), we have many delightful Ware products  (and thousands more non-Ware products, for you haters in the audience) available to you at Bizarro-Wuxtry, your one-stop shopping location  for comic books, vintage Lee Majors biographies, cardboard novelty neckties, and more! Come on down!


laird said...

Hipsters who like to ironically put things on or in their bodies should know the 1893 World's Columbian as the fair at which Pabst beer reportedly won its eponymous blue ribbon.

Patrick M said...

You still have those cardboard novelty neckties?! i though i'd pretty much bought out you stock of Terror Ties when i came down LAST winter!

Devlin Thompson said...

I was holding out on you!

Patrick M said...

well if all goes well, i'll be back down to Bizarro Wauxtry again this winter, this time with a few friends!

Anonymous said...

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