Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blanc by Wolverton

    Here's a Basil Wolverton piece that I've never seen before, used as part of an ad (the rest was not by Basil, and not all that interesting) in the 8/29/1966 issue of Broadcasting magazine. It was promoting a series of short radio comedy bits by Mel and others syndicated under the name of Superfun. It doesn't look like it lasted that long, but you can listen to the demo sampler album here (Oops! Turns out you have to pay to subscribe...but you can at least look at some more advertising material for free), and you can read a short piece about it in Billboard here.
   I don't know how this particular job found its way to Wolverton, but it's perhaps not coincidental that both men were from Oregon. If anyone out there knows that they were fishing buddies or anything, please feel free to chime in in the comments.
    At this point, I should note that here at Bizarro-Wuxtry, home of Georgia's best selection of Sad Sack's Funny Friends, Super-Villain Team-Up,and a great deal more , we have a wide selection of Basil Wolverton products, from comic books to fancy hardbacks to lovely collectible statuettes, offered to you at very reasonable prices. Come on down!
    Bonus Mel fun:  a whole bunch of episodes of The Mel Blanc Show from the '40s, just itching to wiggle their way into your iTunes library.

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Mel Blanc Enterprises syndicated the SUPERFUN Libary to over 200 radio stations up to the mid-1970's. The LP record series was composed of comedy bits of fake news, fake commercials, fake interviews, all fuuny bits like The Story Lady, Crime Stoppers Notebook and countless others. Not only is Mel's voice work present but he hired major radio personalities including Gary Owens (Laugh-In) and others to make these
very funny comedy bits. I am using the SUPERFUN series, as I can find them for my own volunteer radio show which is free to College, Hospital, Independent, Public Broadcasting and School Radio stations. If anyone has any SUPERFUN LP'S and would consider sharing them and help me out, please contact me. I will dub them to CD for FREE for you and return your LP's. Thank you. Matthew Harris EMAIL: